Thursday, September 29, 2011


Life is changing again. As summer turns to fall we are called to shed our leaves and paint the ground with the colors we wore.
One evening a couple of weeks ago I was BBQing some skewered kebabs and enjoying a Ninkasi Radiant and took out some brown paper that I procured from my parents barn just a few days prior. I hadn't actually drawn in a while, so I turned on some Josh Ritter and put pencil to paper just to see what would happen. After pouring myself into my pencil for a couple hours the result was something more telling than I had set out for. As I looked to the page, a simple man stared back at me. Bearded and hiding his face as he bites his lip. His eyes piercing me. A kind of sadness lurking there that you only hear about in stories. Upon showing it to a couple friends I realized after hearing it from everyone of them that the man I had drawn was me. It wasn't an easy realization to come to. None the less its yielded some much needed reflection and new found creativity. All of this to say, I'm drawing again and loving it. Its healing wounds I didn't know were still open and given birth to a new series of portraits that I'm very excited about. This winter you can be expecting a body of work like I have never turned out before. Stay tuned as I shed my leaves and my old color and bring life to an exciting new project. Thanks for all of you who check out my blog.

Cheers, Jacob


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  1. i've always loved your style, jake. we miss you and love you. can't wait to see more of your work!