Tuesday, June 28, 2011


As we traveled through Münich our host Philipp took us to the Eisbach (which means ICE BROOK, a very fitting name for it seeing as the water is crazy cold.) in the Englischer Garten. This happened to be my favorite spot in Münich by far. In 1972 some likeminded city surfers threw a tree trunk in the Eisbach right at the mouth of a tunneled bridge in the garten where the water runs the quickest at a current speed of roughly 5m per second. They roped the log to the bridge thus creating a bulge in the water about 1m high, large enough to create a continuous standing wave. I was a little bummed that I wasn't equipt with board and wetsuit so that I could ride the awesome urban wave, but I did get some shots of some locals sessions. If you're ever in Münich you can catch a glimpse of these surfers at the edge of the garten closest to the Haus der Kunst, and dont forget your board!
Cheers, Jacob

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