Thursday, May 19, 2011


(For the record: this post is not the sequel or a rip off of Dr. Seuss's wonderful book "Oh! The Places You’ll Go!")
I'd like to say that this is some deep statement about my international travel and what that means for my shoes and the rest of my life, but sadly thats not the case. Being the"artistically minded"person I am, I was simply walking through the grass with my awesome vintage dress shoes and the contrast of their blackticity on the green grass caught my eye. Being flighty enough to not realize my bus was coming now! I decided now to be a bright time for a photo op. (I did make my train, however, because after my photo shoot had ended I came back to reality and saw the time and realized that my freshly photographed feet would need to move much quicker. When I arrived at my stop with a bead of sweat in my brow and a gleam in my eye the train doors were closing. Like an insubordinate teenage movie character from the 80's I said "Sorry German Train, this one's on you." And I scraped past the doors and trying to look as much like a paying customer as possible, I took my seat.) When I was back "home" for the day after my first German language class I sought after a couple more striking choices for photos of my feets. And now that I sit and ponder all the things that this could rightfully mean I think to myself "These 5 dollar thrifted shoes were a great investment." (ps I paid for my return ticket)
Cheers from Germany

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